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Ming D. Liu (via skeletales)Lately when I look at my parents, I notice all their wrinkles when they talk, and their dark circles, and the puffiness of their eyes when they laugh. They’re growing old with each day that passes and it breaks my heart to know they’ll never get any younger than they are today. Time has passed so quickly and it’s crazy how this year my father is turning fifty. That’s so hard to believe because it seems like just yesterday when people mistaken him for my older brother. And my mother, were those crinkles there before? I’m not sure. I just hope I make them proud when I finally graduate. Choose a career I love and be able to buy them nice things without them telling me not to because I’m still just a child and I shouldn’t spend money on them. Maybe I’ll always be a child to them. But one day, I hope they’ll see me as that little girl that’s grown so much and be proud of the grown woman that stands before them.
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What girls say: I'm fine
What girls mean: I'm too embarrassed to ask for water from your mom because this is the first time I've been over and she's asked me like 500 times if I wanted any and I've been saying no but I'm dying of thirst
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